Do you ever just look at your significant other and think “wow I’m so lucky”, then you regret all the stupid stuff you ever said to them, all the arguments, and tears. You just suddenly forget everything bad, no matter how frustrating, or terrible it might have been, you just put all the negativity aside and reminisce about how amazing that person is and how much you love them. Like, you just want to hug that person and not let go because it just feels so right to have their body against yours.

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"Did you hear what she did? OMGAFGVDBFKJDSL slut."



lol jk I’m not a slut

If I were then… r1ch n1gg@s 0nly .

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When I first started getting bad, you said you’d be here. Where were you when I started cutting? Where were you when I started drinking? Where were you when I went to the doctors scared?  Where were you when I had that breakdown at 2am?  Where were you when I tried to commit suicide? You promised you’d be here. Where were you? 

^ that comment got to me man. where the FUCK where you when i needed you.

And where are you now?

I am weak I admit. But my motivation and pride save me

I’ve proved people wrong about me. I’ll do it again.

Trust me, once I’m committed to something I ain’t stopping for shit.

You’ll swallow your words.

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Since when is somebodys life everyone’s business?

oh wait.

High school.

ya’ll nosy cunts.

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One day when I move in with my boyfriend, and he’s asleep, I’m going to lay under the covers with him and just stare at his butt as I drift away into my slumber.

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Mother of god

I find it so annoying when girls on facebook put their job as

"model at victoria secret"

"waiter at hooters"

"stripper model hooker at superduperhogwarts academy of unicorns"




lol k

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He’s something else, someone I thought I couldn’t have, but now I do, and I’m happy, truly. Unexpected things like this are wonderful. He’s the one, I know it.

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if you’ve been there for me

I’m sorry I don’t text/talk or anything

Because truthfully I suck at keeping contact

well if you’re reading this

I’m so fucking glad I met you.

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I need to remember there are people who care about me

and if they leave me then they were never actually there

and I have people who have always been there

I just never notice

because I’m always over thinking.

I’m a mess at times. but who isn’t?

Everyone’s going through something

worse than me.

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Be mine? Stay mine?

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"According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves."

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You played me

You’re a bad person, you said you like me “so very much”, you said you wanted to be mine, you constantly called me beautiful and amazing. Well shit turns out evrything was complete bull. You talked to other girls saying the exact same thing, you even tried to get nude pics. THE FUCK? I really did think you liked me, I mean we kissed, we cuddled and sweet talked, we talked on the phone almost every night. But you’re just, you’re horrible. I hate you. And it takes a lot for me to hate a person.

Fuck you Charlie.

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Well I’m sorry

Sorry I can’t be like my sister, mom and dad. I’m sorry I’m not the daughter you want. I’m sorry my straight A’s, good behavior, and getting accepted into Honor classes aren’t enough for you. I was trying because I wanted you to be proud. But my best will never be enough, right? I’ll never match up to my sister, right? I know that’s what the both of you think. It’s okay, because to be honest, I don’t care what you guys think of me anymore, I’ve been trying so hard to please you. But now, I’m only going to try for myself. Because yes, I do actually want a good future. I will prove you wrong, mom, dad, Shaina, all of you. I will make something of myself.

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