Praying never did shit for me. 3 notes
That weird, awkward, nerdy girl?

She’s the one you’ll be wishing for in the future.

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I don’t like to think bad about myself. I always want to look on the positives so I have a high confidence. Sorry if I seem cocky, it’s just my past wasn’t the best.

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I don’t see the point

In being in a relationship if you know it will only last for a few months or weeks. I understand if you want to try it out. But other than that what’s the point? I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship unless I knew, that person and I would have a chance at forever.

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I want my future husband to be an artist

I want him to be an artist, so we can draw together and get a meaningful tattoo near our hearts that we designed for one another. I want him to smell like coffee and have a 5 o’clock shave with nicely cut hair. I want him to be able to cook and write poetry. Most of all I want him to be patient and understanding, I want him to be a gentlemen, I want him to be honest and loyal. I want him there when I need him.

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I hate pity. That shit will get me no where. Don’t pity me and make me feel better with comfort words, that won’t do jack shit for me. I want people to be straight up with me tell me the reality of things. Don’t pity me because that won’t help me move forward, pity will only keep me in one place. Give me the real facts, give me your honest opinion about the situation(s) I’m facing. If I’m a bitch, tell me straight up I am one and give me your advice/opinion on what I should do, because that will help me improve. If I’m dumb, tell me that. If I’m weird or awkward, tell me that shit, I don’t care as long as it’s true. Just don’t fucking pity me.

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At this moment

I’m just going to stay positive and not sink to the point where I feel hopeless. I just need to focus in school and have a positive attitude. Life has so many surprises I can’t ruin my own by being so emotionally wrecked.

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Don’t miss someone, you lost your chance with.

Move on. Care about yourself. Life can be easy for you, if you choose it to be.

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If I’m angry

Leave me the fuck alone lol. Seriously don’t talk to me it might piss me off more, I’ll flip out and complain to you and scream. Like really just let me count to 10 or 100 and shit, talk to me when I’m calm.

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If I dislike you

I fucking dislike you, don’t try saying sorry, or try to persuade me to forgive you, BECAUSE you DIDN’T do shit, you’re just annoying, I don’t fucking like you. If you think you did anything wrong, you didn’t. Okay? Once again, you are annoyingyou irritate me, and if you try getting on my good side it won’t fucking work, because I’ll just find you more annoying and it makes you look needy. Don’t follow me around. Don’t constantly message me. Don’t fucking randomly say hi when you see me. Because your effort is useless, and I will call you a stalker. Fuck! I think you are stalking me if you pull that kind of shit.

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What motivates me in life?


To prove anybody and everybody who had ever doubted me wrong. I want to and will prove that I can be something in live. I want to and will prove that I can be independent. I want to and will prove that I will end up living a happy life with the choices I have and will make. There are plenty of people who didn’t have faith in me. But I have a reason to live for, thanks to them.

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Dear Myself,

You made mistakes, learned from them, and will have absolutely no regrets. Life comes with challenges and you may fail but will succeed in your own way because you are still learning. Ignore the insults that are made and the rumors going around, you are you, you are yourself. Remember to try so much more fucking harder in school and be the only virgin that will last through high school, LOL. Annnd YOU WILL BE A FUCKING PSYCHOLOGIST, PSYCHIATRIST OR AUTHOR. Kay bye.

5 day letter challenge completed.

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Dear Parents,

I love you guys, and I’m sorry if I act out of my place, or make mistakes, bad choices, and the fact that you spend so much money on me like my tuition, clothes, and all that extra money you put into me to keep me happy, and to let me have what you did not have a a child, I want to let you know I truly appreciate everything. I’m so sorry about what I did before, and everything I ever caused, you deserve better than to have me act the way I used to. I can not say sorry enough, I can’t fathom how much I love you both, and I will forever treasure everything you did for me. Thank you Mom and Dad.

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Dear future husband,

      Well you probably won’t be my husband, just my boyfriend for life since I don’t get the point of being married if I can just start a life with you without all that expensive bull and having to be all stressed and shit about a wedding. Well we probably did all that kinky shit that I like and did all the corny stuff, anyway, my only hope is that you’ll love me, every side of me, my dramatic side, my stressed side, my depressed side, everything, I hope you’ll accept me as I am. Oh yeah, I’m being cliche, haha, kay well I’m probably a psychiatrist, psychologist, or an author riiiiight? That shit be my dream. hahahahaha, and you are a successful man who loves kids and is super smart! :D

So we have one child and a German Shepard or Huskie, you love animals, okay? Kay. Annnnd we live in a simple Victorian house with a nice garden, nice yard, balcony and view of the city we are living in. LOL kay well yeah, I love you baby see you in the future.

Letter day one completed

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I’ve acted like a fucking retarded cunt when I was younger

I’m sorry, I’m not making any excuses, so stay mad or be glad I’m not so naive anymore.

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